Optical Coatings

CMA can support EO-IR optical coatings for imaging optics, composite mirrors or other substrates.

For the past 20 years, CMA has been involved in developing optical coatings for composite mirrors. Cleaning and optical surface preparation techniques have been developed and  several optical reflective coatings have been perfected for CFRP substrates. Typical coatings have been established with…

• Aluminum + SiO
• Aluminum + MgF2
• Silver + SiO
• Gold + SiO

We have experience with several fluoride coatings as well as coatings for aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride and silicon nitride ceramic substrates as well.

CMA has several vacuum chambers for applying optical coatings.

• 72-inch X 144-inch GNB coating chamber
• 24 inch Balzers coating and process chamber
• 18-inch LVH coating chamber for standard optical coatings
• 0.75m Space Flight/Cryo test chamber

We use state-of-the-art process control and thin film monitoring equipment including RGA, DC, AC and RF plasma cleaning techniques.

We coat amateur telescope mirrors as well. Contact CMA for a quote for sizes up to 1.2m.