Numerous structures have been produced at CMA from continuous fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite materials. Preferred materials for structures vary from high modulus carbon fibers and cyanate ester spaceflight qualified materials for high stiffness and low thermal expansion to low modulus carbon and epoxy for toughness and strength structural applications…

• Telescope structures
• Optical benches
• Strut tubes
• Sandwich structures

CFRP Materials are an ideal material choice for Optical telescope structures based on
• High Stiffness-to-weight ratio
• High Strength-to-weight ratio
• Low Self-Weight Deflection
• Rapid Fabrication, High Repeatability
• Low CTE
• Environmental Resistance

CMA can design CFRP structures using Solid Works 3-D CAD  and establish Finite element models for FEA using COSMOS.