0.3 m Hyperbola

1m parabola

CMA specializes in solutions for difficult-to-produce optical mirrors and structures from carbon fiber composites. We produce precision CFRP mirrors for…

• Radio
• Sub-millimeter
• Mid-IR
• Near IR
• Visible
• Projection of UV Radiation
• And wavelengths for a wide variety of optical systems


CMA has the capability to replicate to optical tolerances depending on the accuracy of the mandrels used to produce the CFRP mirror. Using a Zygo interferometer and 4D  4Sight software, we have demonstrated diffraction-limited and mandrel-limited performance.

Interferogram of 100mm CFRP flat

100mm CFRP optical flat

100mm CFRP optical flat


One of the advantages of composite mirrors is the ability to replicate any optical surface for which a forming tool (mandrel) can be produced. CMA can fabricate surface that are…

• Concave
• Convex
• Cylinders
• Spherical
• Aspheric
• Flat

CMA can build-to-print optics. We can also design a prototype custom designs.
We can offer support in the design of optical systems using ZEMAX Optical design software.