Composite Mirror Applications Manufactures First 1,000 Off-Axis Mirrors

(Tucson, AZ · February, 14th 2012) — As a part of a strategic alliance with brightLeaf Technologies, Composite Mirror Applications has delivered it’s first 1,000 off-axis, solar collectors. Replicated off of 5 mandrels, CMA produced 6”x9” CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) mirrors with a proprietary 4-layer Ag coating. The off-axis mirror surfaces are geometric in nature and are not defined by a body of revolution, making replication an ideal process for production.


To accommodate production, CMA expanded an additional 7,000 ft2 and hired 8 new employees. The 2nd generation of this system will employ an 11”x11” CFRP mirror. The tooling for this design is currently being produced and manufacturing is scheduled to begin March, 2012 at a rate of 1,000 mirrors/month.


Composite Mirror Applications is located in Tucson, Arizona. President and founder Bob Romeo started the company in 1991 as a producer of high-quality composite mirrors and structures. CMA continues to be the world leader in research, design, and manufacturing of composite mirrors and composite optical systems.

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