R&D emphasis at CMA for the past 17 years involves one primary goal…  to set a new industry standard through creative solutions and complete project dedication. Whether its defraction-limited optics that contain no glass, or creative structural design solutions, we continue to challenge ourselves to meet and exceed the industry status quo.


CMA specializes in producing mirrors via high accuracy surface replication. The goal is to produce diffraction-limited performance at visible wavelengths for imaging applications.We have produced 1m and 1.4m convex Pyrex glass mandrels with parabolic surfaces for producing image quality optics from CFRP composites.

We can produce hundreds of large, high accuracy CFRP mirrors from the mandrels before any cleaning or re-polishing of the mandrel.


CFRP materials have high Young’s modulus and exhibit unique shape memory properties. This means they can be highly stressed and deformed and return back to their original shape upon relaxation. This makes CFRP thin-shelled mirrors ideal for active figure control and adaptive optics, much more desirable than glass or Zerodur mirrors.

CFRP thin Mirrors…

Are unbreakable
Can be dramatically stressed
Can be produced to optical tolerances
Have been produced to 2m diameter
Size limited by mandrel
Ideal for active/adaptive face-sheets for optical telescopes


CMA is involved with DoD programs to develop space-based optical telescope systems using the unique advantages of extremely lightweight CFRP materials they are adaptable and require extremely short development and fabrication times to produce.

Technology developed for:

Commercial Space-based Earth imaging systems
Operationally Responsive Space (ORS)
Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Space Telescopes (EO-IR)