CMA was founded in August 1991 with the goal of developing  and producing carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite mirrors and structures. More specifically the goal is to produce high optical quality mirrors for imaging telescopes. Both ground-based and space-based applications are emphasized.

CMA uses state-of-the-art software to aid in the design and analysis of CFRP structures and optics. CMA uses

Solid Works 3-D CAD software
COSMOS Finite Element Analysis (FEA) package
ZEMAX Optical Design Software


CMA is a modern CFRP mirror fabrication house of 16,000 ft2 in Tucson AZ, 85% of which is dedicated to manufacturing and composites system assembly and all of the space under clean environment. CMA has CNC machining capability to produce most tooling and fixtures associated with mirror production and tooling for optical systems from CFRP composite materials. Clean areas for precision optical composites fabrication and telescope assembly are included. CMA has the following  in-house capabilities which can be applied to this effort.


•2m X 3m linear motor driven CNC cutting table, capable of producing high precision CFRP parts.
•Composites curing ovens
10ft X 10ft X 5ft height convection oven
8ft diameter X 5ft height oven
Several smaller Ramp and Soak control ovens
•Complete composites handling, cutting, lay-up and assembly tables
•10” X 10” heated platen Laminating Press
•24” X 24” heated Laminating Press
•Light Machine shop with 4-axis CNC mill
•140” X 81” CNC cutting table for CFRP components
•Composites tooling handling equipment and heavy lifting devices
•Composites Lay-Up Tooling and Vacuum Bagging Equipment
•Several large 3 ft, 10ft and 12ft accurate granite surfaces for fixturing and flatness measurement


•Draper Glass Grinding and polishing machine for optical mandrels, 2-meters capable, complete with sphereometers and numerous diamond edging tools.
•24” Strasbaugh  Polisher
•Various laboratory scales and measurement equipment for polymer mixing and processing.


•CNC Mill, CNC Rotary table, Complete controllers
•Bridgeport Mill
•12” Lathe
•All Measuring  tools
•Complete set of cutting tools